Policy Mapper
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Targeted end-use classes Household
Space heating in existing dwellings (insulation and boiler)
Heating new dwellings (Space cooling, electric)
Hot water preparation
Renewable energy (behind the meter)
Targeted end-use classes Tertiary
Space heating in existing buildings
New buildings
Ventilation, Air-conditioning & Cooling (VAC)
Renewable energy (behind the meter)
Other applications (Agriculture)
Targeted end-use classes Industry
Process heat (specific technologies)
Electric drives
Other electricity (electrochemical, lighting, ventilation,etc.)
Targeted end-use classes Transport
Road Passengers (cars)
Road Goods (truck, lorries)
Modal shift - Persons (train, buses, bicycling, walking)
Modal shift - Goods (train, ship)
Mobility Persons (management, ICT)
Other goods transport
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