Household - Measure Detail
Measure Code HOU-LV41
Country Latvia
Title Increasing Heat Energy Efficiency in Multi Apartment Buildings (Measures to Improve the Thermal Stability of Apartment Blocks): EU Funds programming period of 2007-2013
Reference ; ; =228846 ; =257081 ;
Status Issuing Date Starting Date Ending Date Semi-quantitative Impact European Measure NEEAP Measure (1,2,3) Article 7 Impact Evaluation
Completed 2/2009 2009 2016 High No Yes (1,2,3) Yes Yes
Financing 62.803.900 from 2009 to 2016
Types 22) Financial - Grants / Subsidies - For investments in energy efficient building renovation
Actors central government
Target Audience housing associations, owner-occupiers
Targeted End Use Space heating (+elec.)
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