Tertiary - Measure Detail
Measure Code TER-CH2
Country Switzerland
Title CO2 Levy (CO2-Abgabe / Taxe sur le CO2 / Tassa sul CO2)
Reference https://www.bafu.admin.ch/bafu/en/home/topics/climate/info-specialists/climate-policy/co2-levy.html
Status Issuing Date Starting Date Ending Date Semi-quantitative Impact European Measure NEEAP Measure (1,2,3) Article 7 Impact Evaluation
Ongoing 10/1999 2008 High No No No Yes
Financing 4.500 from 2008 to 2016
Types 35) Cross-cutting with sector-specific characteristics - Eco-tax on electricity/energy consumption or CO2 - emissions
Actors Central Government
Target Audience Energy Managers / Account.
Tertiary sector Total Sector
Targeted End Use Total fuel consumption (Services)
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