Tertiary - Measure Detail
Measure Code TER-FRA11
Country France
Title EU-related: Energy Performance of Buildings (Directive 2002/91/EC) - Inspections of air-conditioning and reversible heat pump systems
Reference http://www.legifrance.gouv.fr/affichCodeArticle.do?idArticle=LEGIARTI000019280804&cidTexte=LEGITEXT000006074220&dateTexte=20090429&fastPos=1&fastReqId=1692298400&oldAction=rechCodeArticle
Status Issuing Date Starting Date Ending Date Semi-quantitative Impact European Measure NEEAP Measure (1,2,3) Article 7 Impact Evaluation
Ongoing 12/2002 2002 Low Yes Yes (2,3) No No
Financing € 0 from to
Types 5) Legislative/Normative - Regulation for Building Equipment - Periodic mandatory inspection of HVAC 
Actors Central Government, Prof. Associations
Target Audience Building Profess.
Tertiary sector Total Sector
Targeted End Use
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