Tertiary - Measure Detail
Measure Code TER-LT22
Country Lithuania
Title List of public procurements for which energy efficiency requirements are applied
Reference Resolution of the Goverment No. 1023 of 8 October 2008 // http://www3.lrs.lt/pls/inter3/dokpaieska.showdoc_l?p_id=328867&p_tr2=2
Status Issuing Date Starting Date Ending Date Semi-quantitative Impact European Measure NEEAP Measure (1,2,3) Article 7 Impact Evaluation
Ongoing 10/2008 2008 Unknown No Yes (2,3) No No
Financing 0 from to
Types 0) Unknown - Unknown
Actors Central Government
Target Audience Employees, Employers
Tertiary sector Government offices
Targeted End Use Lighting, Office equipment, Refrigeration, Washing, Cooking, Motive power/electric motors, Other targeted uses
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