Tertiary - Measure Detail
Measure Code TER-NLD22
Country Netherlands
Title Innovation and Action Programme for Clean and Economical Agro sectors (Convenant Schone en Zuinige Agrosectoren)
Reference www.rijksoverheid.nl
Status Issuing Date Starting Date Ending Date Semi-quantitative Impact European Measure NEEAP Measure (1,2,3) Article 7 Impact Evaluation
Ongoing 6/2008 2008 2020 High No No No No
Financing 0 from to
Types 0) Unknown - Unknown; 0) Unknown - Unknown
Actors Local Authorities, Central Government, Trade Associations
Target Audience SMEs, Trade Associations
Tertiary sector Commercial offices, Distribution and warehousing, Education, Government offices, Health, Hotel and catering, Other sectors, Public buildings, Retail, Sport and leisure, Total Sector, Communication, Credit and Other Services, Health, Education and Catering Services, Commerce, Agriculture
Targeted End Use Total final consumption (Services), Total fuel consumption (Services)
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